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Take a few moments, and enjoy our photo album and scrapbook...

We are adding a new section to the World War II: Stories -- In Their Own Words web site. A scrapbook and photo album. The photo album/scrapbook will be used to showcase "memories" from the stories as told in this web site.

Here is your opportunity to share a story and some images about your part in World War II. Interested in sharing a memory or two with everyone?

We welcome photos, documents, letters and other memorabilia from veterans and their families. All material used will be credited to the contributor.

Our photo album is currently in place and we have just showcased our first series of photographs for you to view. A second set of related images are in the works and will be up and running as soon as we can process them and add them to the photo album.



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Iwo Jima Photo Album
20 Years after the Invasion
1965 -- 1966

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Pearl Harbor Photo Album
A Personal Collection of Images
December 7, 1941

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